How Can I Check If My Infiniti Needs Service?

You can always contact Service Advisor at Oakville Infiniti if you aren’t sure that your vehicle requires service. We also have a Maintenance Menu that is online and free to use to check which service your Infiniti needs based on year and mileage. These simple steps could help you avoid bigger costs and inconvenience later.

How Can I Maximize Fuel Economy?

  • Make sure tires are properly inflated to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • At highway speed, drive with your windows closed. Even with the air conditioner running, the fuel savings can be significant
  • Use your cruise control when conditions permit
  • Keep your engine tuned up, follow the recommended periodic maintenance schedule
  • Replace your vehicle’s air filter more frequently if you drive in dusty conditions
  • Keep the wheels in correct alignment. Improper alignment increases tire wear and lowers fuel economy
  • Don’t let your vehicle idle excessively during warm-up
  • Accelerate slowly and smoothly, maintain cruising speeds with a constant accelerator position
  • Drive at moderate speeds on the highway. Driving at high speed lowers fuel economy
  • Avoid unnecessary stopping and braking. Maintain a safe distance behind other vehicles

I’ve Lost My Owner’s Manual. How Can I Replace It?

The Infiniti owner’s manual has valuable model-specific details on the day-to-day use and care of your car. If you’ve lost or misplaced your manual, you may order a replacement through your servicing dealer or download from