There are some things you just can’t learn about a vehicle on a 30-minute test drive. Some questions need a little more time to answer. That’s why Oakville Infiniti is introducing the Overnight Test Drive. It gives you the ability to take a potential Infiniti home for the night in order to make sure it’s the right choice.

Interested in a particular model, but unsure if it fits your needs? Keep it overnight! And, when you do, ask yourself these ten questions. We feel confident there is an Infiniti to fit your lifestyle perfectly — it might just take a sleepover to seal the deal.

#10 Does it fit in my Garage?
You might be in the market for a larger SUV, like the Infiniti Q80. However, if you keep another large vehicle in your garage or you use it to store other things besides vehicles, the Q80 might not fit. You might decide to try a Q70, instead.

#9 Do All of My Things Fit?
Let’s face it; all of us have stuff we need to transport. For some, however, it’s more than others. Perhaps you’re an adrenaline junkie who spends their weekend’s mountain biking, camping, or rock climbing. That means you’re probably transporting a lot of gear around. You need a vehicle that can store it all.

Maybe your family has grown over the last few years. That means the amount of grocery bags, diaper bags, and school supplies has grown too. Confirm all the things you need to regularly haul have ample space in your new Infiniti.

#8 What Does the Family Think?
Their opinions matter, too. Make sure anyone that might be a regular passenger in your vehicle is comfortable in it, especially if your spouse is taller – or shorter — than the average person. Happy wife, happy life, right?

#7 Can I Operate the Navigation and Entertainment System Easily?
While some navigation systems are cumbersome and difficult to operate, we feel confident you will love Infiniti InTouch. Not only does it integrate navigation, convenience, security, and entertainment into a dash-mounted state-of-the-art system, it’s designed to be as user-friendly as possible, even if you aren’t tech savvy.

#6 What Do My Favorite Musicians/Podcasts Sound Like?
This is less about deciding if the Infiniti is right for you and more about making sure you’ve chosen the right package. You will be able to determine if you need more speakers after one morning commute to work listening to your favorite tunes. If it’s cranked and you’re not fully satisfied, you might need to include an Entertainment package in your new Infiniti. Need a good playlist? Try this one!

#5 What Does it Look Like In My Drive Way?
This is purely an aesthetics point; however, it is important enough to merit mentioning. Make sure that when you look at out your front window, the vehicle that’s parked in your driveway makes your heart race. But let’s be realistic, all Infiniti’s have that effect on people.

#4 Is it Easy to Park?
You’ll find parking easy in any of our models. With Infiniti’s Intelligent Park Assist, you just press a button and let your Infiniti’s 12 sensors work together to parallel or reverse park safely.

#3 Is the Interior Comfortable for Longer Periods of Time
Do you have a long commute to work each morning? Do you frequently take road trips or spend an above-average amount of time in your vehicle? When answering these questions, take into account more than just seating comfort. Things like Tri-Zone Automatic Temperature control will help ensure you and your passengers stay comfortable for long drives.

Large dual 8-inch headrest monitors keep the kids happy in the back and in turn, keep you happy. Need lots of leg room? Choose a vehicle like the QX60 where the interior has been tailored for maximum leg room comfort between the second and third rows. It’s all about finding the right blend of entertainment and interior comfort that best suits your preferences.

#2 Do the Kid’s Seats Fit?
Depending on how many little ones you have, you might decide you need something with a third row. Strap in the child seats and make sure they all fit.

#1 Does it Fit in My Life?
This is something only you can determine. Whether it’s transporting your co-workers in-between business meetings, picking up clients, hitting the trails for the weekend or hauling the family camper to the cabin – you need to know your Infiniti will meet your needs time and again. And if it doesn’t, we guarantee there is another model that will do just that.