You love your Infiniti. It’s loyal, dependable, and it looks incredible too. It’s everything you look for in a vehicle. If properly maintained, you two will have a happy relationship for years to come. Part of proper maintenance means making sure your Infiniti is ready when the seasons change. This spring, we have some insider tips on how to best arm your vehicle for warmer temperatures so you can make sure your vehicle runs smoothly all year-round.

Get a Detail

The winter months can be especially hard on your vehicle. Snow, slush, and debris can begin to degrade the interior and chip away at its integrity. And if you have small children or teenagers, chances are the mess is even greater inside. You can prevent the long-term effects of a harsh winter by taking your vehicle in for a shampoo and clean every spring.

Having a freshly cleaned interior for a new season won’t just look incredible. It will also help keep the look and feel of your vehicle updated and well maintained. The resale value of a vehicle is significantly higher when owners maintain a cleanly interior and treat their vehicles to yearly and sometimes seasonal detail.

Get Brakes, Oil and Fluids Checked

We recommend checking your brakes often. It’s especially important after a grueling winter when they’ve been working on overtime for months. Most people get them checked every time they get their oil changed. Since you should be getting your oil changed just before spring arrives anyways, be sure to tell your technician to take a look at the brakes at the same time.

As for your fluids, they will all need to be topped up. A particularly important one to have checked is your wiper fluid. Everyone goes through a lot during the winter months. Spring is no exception, especially when things start to get slushy outside and your windshield takes a few sprays. In fact, we recommend changing your wiper blades too. A new set won’t set you back much but it will make all the difference in the world when you’re driving and things get slushy.

Wash Your Vehicle and Check the Undercoating

During the winter, many cities de-ice highways with salt and chemical mixtures to help prevent collisions (including Toronto). The only problem is, these solutions are incredibly detrimental to your vehicle. If left untouched, they can begin to corrode the materials underneath your Infiniti which eventually leads to rust and decay.

Oakville Infiniti offers undercoating packages that prevent rust from forming underneath your vehicle. We use a silicon-based undercoat which bonds with your car or SUV and is the most effective rust proofing product on the market today. It does not drop, crack or dry out and provides optimum protection against salty roads and unwanted corrosion (learn more about our undercoating packages here).

Whether you decide to go with this package or not, washing your vehicle regularly is just as important. Eliminating the dirt, salt, and grime that can build up over time will help you maintain your Infiniti’s beautiful aesthetic for years to come.

Check Your Tires

Now is the time to start thinking about swapping out your winter tires for all-season or summer tires. Keeping your winter tires on during spring and summer is not great for your vehicle or your safety. The same tires and tread that give you a quick, crisp response in the summer will wear down quickly in the summer and dull your response time. Have them switched over and your winter tires stored until you’ll need them again.

Service Your Car in Oakville, Ontario

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