Nobody wants to deal with rust. Not only does it decrease the lifespan of your vehicle and corrode its most important mechanical parts, it makes your Infiniti look terrible. Oakville Infiniti wants to help protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of rust.

That’s why when you purchase an Infiniti this October we’ll include our premium Undercoating Protection Package for FREE! Here’s why undercoating your vehicle is so important.

Some Rust is Worse Than Others
Rust forms when water and air combine to form a crust on your vehicle. It becomes more problematic depending on where it’s found. While rust on the surface of your Infiniti may look awful, it does not have a huge impact on how the vehicle operates. The rust you need to worry about is the kind that forms underneath the vehicle.

Rust found along the fenders, body panels and on the underside of your car is the most corrosive and damaging. If left untreated, it can create holes in your body’s armor and cause significant problems down the road. In fact, if left untreated, rust can diminish your vehicle’s ability to protect you in a crash. And, on top of all that, rusty brake and gas lines are incredibly expensive to fix.

Winter is Prime Rust Time
Rust is an especially big problem in Canada. This is because our winters are notoriously cold and oftentimes the roads end up being covered in ice. To protect drivers and counteract the slippery effects of ice, most cities pour salt on their roads. While salt increases your vehicle’s ability to grip the road and keep you safe, it also corrodes the bottom of your vehicle and accelerates the speed at which rust forms.

You can usually catch rust that develops on the outside of your vehicle fairly quickly. However, we don’t usually spend a lot of time looking at the underbelly of our car. That’s where rust can do the most damage and unfortunately, where it’s the most difficult to detect. Undercoating protects these hard-to-see places by preventing salt from collecting and ultimately, rust from forming.

Undercoating is the #1 Way to Protect Your Vehicle From Rust
At Oakville Infiniti, we use a silicon-based undercoat when we treat your new Infiniti. Silicon bonds with the vehicle and is the most effective rust proofing product on the market today. It does not drop, crack or dry out and provides optimum protection against salty roads and unwanted rust.

The Oakville Infiniti Undercoating Protection Package also protects your vehicle’s electrical components, brake and fuel lines against corrosive rust. It even helps absorb road noise, therefore, making the inside of the vehicle quieter! It is one of the most important things you can do to help protect the longevity and look of your Infiniti!

Get a Free Undercoating Package
We want your Infiniti looking, running and sounding like new for years to come. That’s why during the month of October when you purchase a new Infiniti, we will include a complimentary Undercoating Package! Let us help you protect your vehicle from the effects of salt this winter! See in store for more details.