Safety is the most important thing when it comes to shopping for a vehicle. It’s about making sure you and your passengers are in good hands all year-long. That’s why winter tires are so important.

While all-seasons are great in the warmer months they simply aren’t as effective as winter tires when it comes to heavy snowfall. Most accidents that occur between December and April could have been easily avoided had the driver been using winter tires. When it comes to ice, winter tires mean the difference between slipping through an intersection and coming to a complete stop.

Why wait for a heavy snowfall to start worrying? Prepare for the months ahead and make the switch now. There is no price on peace of mind and that is exactly what you get when you purchase a perfect set of tires made just for your Infiniti.

Winter tires are made with a rubber compound that is fine-tuned for cold weather. It helps the winter tire stays soft in freezing cold temperatures which means it can grip the road better. In contrast, all-season tires are made up of a rubber compound that becomes less flexible as the temperature drops. Eventually, it hardens and freezes which greatly reduces your ability to adapt to changing driving conditions.

You want to look for a V -shape on your winter tires. This pattern helps your vehicle push obstacles like snow and slush out of the way. Winter tires also have a deep tread death which gives you the ability to drive through large amounts of snow. All-seasons, on the other hand, were not designed with a deeper tread depth. This means when the roads get difficult this season (and you know they will) you can have peace of mind knowing your Nissan has the right tools to get you where you need to go safely.

Once you have purchased your winter tires make sure to check their pressure regularly. Transport Canada recommends you check once a month. Proper tire air pressure extends tread life, improves safety, and reduces fuel consumption.

You can’t outfit your Infiniti with winter tires on the front and all-seasons on the back and expect both sides of the vehicle to react to snow and ice in the same way. Winter tires were meant to be installed in sets of four. This keeps your vehicle consistent across all types of roadways, icy or otherwise.

Like anything else, winter tires eventually start to wear down. Depending on how much driving you do, you can certainly use the same set of winter tires for several years. However, once the tread begins to wear down your chances of maintaining control in a slippery situation slowly start decreasing.

A good rule of thumb is to change your tires once they have worn past 6/32″. If you forget to check and discover they are lower than 2/32″ we recommend changing them immediately before driving. This means your tires are bald and they won’t be able to maintain any grip if things get unsafe.

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Simple… They are tires specifically designed for your Infiniti. That means your vehicle operates at its highest level with Infiniti-approved parts. We always carry a large supply of stock and our factory-trained technicians know how to perfectly install your tires so there are zero headaches down the road. We also offer complimentary inspections for unnoticed tire damage. We want your Infiniti stopping, steering and staying on the road all winter long, just like it was meant to do.